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5 Steps to Inclusive Consumer Research

Let great inclusive consumer research guide your marketing, product development and other
business activities.



Have You Set The Table?

We all know the difference between a good host and a great host. One not just happy to have you, but has been actively anticipating your arrival and demonstrates it in tangible ways. 

We need to normalize creating an environment where pursuing equity can't be viewed as an extracurricular activity. It is an integral part of success, just as much as marketing activities, R & D, product development, going through funding rounds, and every other activity that makes a business a business. 

And the foundation of that fruitful and productive environment is research.

Hello, We Are Changing the Business & BIPOC Consumer Relationship Forever.

SLCo x Idea Trust

SLCo & Agency

  • Making the ability to innovate more equitable, accessible and more damn fun. We'll help you find your next opportunity for growth with resilient business model design.
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Idea Trust

  • Idea Trust is the research arm of SLCo with the goal to change the relationship between BIPOC Consumers and businesses forever. Where companies can create a relationship where consumers feel empowered, understood, and heard. And what matters to BIPOC consumers can come to matter to the companies that they buy from.